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Study of Radon Anomaly as an Earthquake Precursor in Seismically Active Areas of NE India

The NE India in particular, is one of the most seismically active regions that have witnessed recurring high magnitude earthquake in the recent past. As such, the region provides a natural testing ground for carrying out earthquake related research. In the light of the current status of research, radon anomaly study has a high potential as earthquake precursor and the method can be tested appropriately in the NE region of India.

A project entitled "Study of Radon anomaly as an earthquake precursor in seismically active areas of NE India" has been taken by Dr. Indumati Laskar, High Energy Physics Laboratory, Dept of Physics, Cotton College, Guwahati in collaboration with the ASTE Council under the sponsorship of Seismology Division, Department Science and Technology, GOI, New Delhi.


  • Measurement of subsoil radon in five position using LR-115 (Type-II) for three months along prospective weak zones for the selection of permanent site placement of Alpha GUARD.
  • Continuous monitoring of radon in soil gas with simultaneous recording temperature, pressure and humidity with the help of Alpha GUARD at suitable site located in the seismically active zone of Guwahati.
  • Simultaneous correlation of radon anomaly data with seismic records from a broadband seismograph network.
  • Sharing of information on radon anomaly vis-à-vis seismic actives at the proposed monitoring site with national and international monitoring centers.