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Instrument Repair & Service Centre

Instrument Repair & Service Centre delivers the following services:

  1. Develop instruments/experimental set up for science colleges and other institutions.
  2. Repair and redesign instruments/experimental set ups for science laboratories of colleges and other educational institutions.
  3. Impart training to laboratory technicians of educational institutions in repair and maintenance of laboratory instruments.
  4. Organize workshop, seminar and demonstration programmes on instruments.

This is an ongoing project of the division at the department of Physics, Cotton College Guwahati. Under the scheme new instrument /experimental set up are developed as well as instrument/experimental set up of the colleges which become defective are repaired. Repairing of instruments of college laboratories are carried out on 'first come first service' basis. Development of instrument/experimental set up are also taken up on a central need of the colleges.

Some of the institutions which have received services from the centre are Cotton College, Guwahati; North Guwahati College, North Guwahati; M. C. College, Barpeta; B. Barooah College, Guwahati; Handique Girls' College, Guwahati; Jorhat Science College, Jorhat; Birjhora Science College, Bongaigoan; Darrang College, Tezpur; Pandu College, Guwahati; Pub-Kamrup College, Baihata Chariali; B.H. College, Srimanta Sankar Academy, Guwahati; Solid State Laboratory, Gauhati University; IIT, Guwahati and College of Veterinary Science, Khanapara, Guwahati.

Instrument designed and developed by IDSC

Transistor characteristic experiments (N-P-N/P-N-P); L-C-R experiment; Anderson bridge experiment; 'R-C couple amplifier; Multi vibrator experiment ; Ripple factor experiment for full and half wave rectifier; Low cost demonstrative experiment using LASER ; Resonance column experiment ; Photo - Cell experiment; AND, NOT, NOR gate kit ; Junction diode kit for forward and reversed biased analysis ; Thermistor kits etc.; Simplified GM counting system for studying nuclear disintegration ; Resistivity measurement of thin metal at different temperature; Study the property of liquid using laser and ripple tank ; Modification of Melde's experiment with electronic switch and frequency generator.

New instrument designed and developed

  • Micro to mill volt converter
  • OPAM checker
  • Temperature controller relay drive
  • IC regulated power supply etc

New experimental kits developed by IDSC

  • Verification of De-Morgan's theorem
  • Verification of Norton's and Thevenin's theory
  • Study of OPAMP by measuring input offset voltage, input offset current and input bias current.
  • Study of open loop gain of an OPAMP
  • Study of gain of an OPAMP in inverting and non-inverting condition (closed loop gain )
  • Measurement of Stefan constant using thermocouple and micro to milli volt converter.
  • Determination of the value of self-induction using L-R circuit

Repairing of Instrument

UPS, C.R.O, Voltage stabilizer, VTVM, Signal Generator, Microscope etc., of a number of institutions and research laboratories.